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Ospreys Back At Kielder

08th April 2015
Ospreys Back At Kielder

Since 2009 Ospreys have been sighted at Kielder and since 2011 there have been two breeding pairs. 2014 was a bumper year with three nests established. Thanks to the forestry commission live video feeds of the two original nests are available for visitors to watch. You can see these at Kielder Castle and also at the Boat Inn at Leaplish. Volunteers with expertise and a telescope are available to help members of the public view Nest 1 as this is the only one which can be seen from this vantage point. For many years Ospreys were seen flying through Kielder Forest on their way to Scotland and after work by the forestry commission to install platforms around the forest these birds were encouraged to nest.

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